Early Intervention

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“Through many repeated play experiences, children can clarify and master many fundamental physical, social and intellectual skills and concepts.”
Isenberg and Jacobs, 1982.

The Early Intervention staff will work with parents and caregivers and their infant or toddler during natural environment visits after being determined eligible.  Natural environment visits are scheduled by the Early Intervention staff with the parents and caregivers.

What will staff do in my child’s natural environment?
  • Watch your child play or participate in their natural routine
  • Watch caregivers and others that are significant in your child’s life play with your child or participate in the child's natural routine
  • Play alongside your child
  • Model strategies in order for caregivers to reach desired outcomes for your child
  • Reinforce activities that you are already doing with your child in your daily routines
  • Address any questions/concerns caregivers may have
  • Develop a plan together of what will be worked on between visits
Caregivers are asked to remain in the natural environment with the Early Intervention staff and the child. Typical natural environment visits will last for 30 minutes to one hour. The Early Intervention staff asks that you please give advance notice if a natural environment visit must be cancelled. You can do so by calling your child's primary service provider or the Early Intervention program at (937) 497-8155.
What is the role of the caregiver during the natural environment visit?
  • Play with your child and go about the natural routine
  • Participate in activities with your child
  • Learn and get new ideas as well as make suggestions for strategies to reach outcomes
  • Be supportive and attentive of whoever is working with your child
  • Model language and play skills
  • Help your child develop independence
  • Slow down and relax
  • Discuss with your service providers what your child is doing and share any concerns
  • Refer to our sick/absence policy by referring to page 5 and 6 of our handbook
  • Call us if you need to cancel a natural environment visit at (937) 497-8155

THANK YOU for sharing your child’s development with us and letting us be a part of your lives. Through working together we know that you can be your child’s greatest teacher and that your child can grow and develop to his/her fullest potential.