FANS Network

Friends, Allies, & Neighbors Network

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 What is a FANS Network?

A FANS network is a group of people who are committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. A community that works together and supports each other as a whole makes everyone’s life more fulfilling and meaningful. 
How does the FANS Network work?
It’s EASY! Give me your contact information and I will inform you through monthly FANS newsletters. The FANS Newsletter will keep you informed of fun and exciting things that are happening, volunteer opportunities, and if someone is in need of help or services. If you are interested please simply respond to this letter and the FANS   coordinator will contact you to provide more information. If you read the newsletter and are no longer interested in receiving them, just hit delete. If you know someone else who would like to help, feel free to forward on. Some of the possible ways to help include, but are not limited to:
¨ Volunteering at Game Night
¨ Delivering donated furniture items
¨ Taking someone to a sporting event
¨ Donating tickets to Kings Island, the zoo, or other attractions
¨ Baking treats for families
¨ Cutting grass or doing light home projects
¨ Giving gifts during the holidays
¨ Giving music lessons
If you are interested in participating in the FANS Network, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or contact Jessica Guillozet, Community Connections Facilitator at (937) 658-6825.