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The Shelby Hills Early Childhood Center celebrates childhood! Play is the work of children. Young children learn best when given opportunities to select activities that encourage interactive play within a teacher-planned environment. Differing levels of ability are expected, appreciated, and used to design learning experiences.

Because families are the first and primary teachers of their young children, we strive to provide opportunities for all levels of family participation. A strong family/professional partnership is essential for successful programming.

We view children as developing individuals who deserve the respect of the adults in their world.

To be eligible for early childhood preschool services, a child must be at least three but not of compulsory school age and must meet Ohio Department of Education standards which require a deficit of 2 standard deviations below the average in one developmental area or 1.5 standard deviations below the average in two or more areas.

Screenings are held monthly to process referrals of children who have a suspected delay. A variety of ability tests are given at this time. If the results indicate a possible delay, the child will be entered into a 30-day assessment period during which time a thorough Multi-Factored Evaluation will be conducted.

After the assessment period, a conference will be held with the family to share the results of the evaluation and a determination of eligibility will be made at this time.