Articulation Games To Play At Home

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Here are some articulation ideas that you can use at home with your child when working on correcting his or her speech sounds. You can use these in a variety of ways in order to help your child learn to say their sounds in a way that is fun for both of you.

  • Make a copy of pictures that you have found on the internet, in magazines or workbooks (remember to make extra copies) and use them for flash cards.
  • Google images is a great place to find pictures.
  • Lay the pictures face down on the table and play concentration and try to find the pictures that match- Say each word as you turn them over, even if they don’t match (try to work on only one sound at a time to avoid confusion)
  • Play penny pitch and say what word the penny lands on (maybe your child can keep each penny that they earn and then use them to buy something special when they have enough)
  • Roll the dice and say that number of words
  • Play simple games (Candy Land, Connect Four, Chutes and Ladders, Hi Ho Cheerio) and say a word for each spot that you move on the board.
  • Find small tokens, such as chips, animal shaped erasers, magnets, toy soldiers, buttons etc. and place one on each picture as you say the word.
  • Lay an M&M (or other small pieces of candy or food) on each square as you say the word and then eat the pieces when you are through.
  • Tape the pictures to a magnetic surface and use magnetic darts and say the word that you land on or get close to.
  • Draw small squares on a piece of paper and color them in or cross them out after you have said the word.
  • Use a sticker chart and have your child earn a sticker for so many words said correctly. After earning so many stars your child can earn a prize.
  • Glue the pictures to the back of a puzzle and say each word when you put the puzzle together.
  • Use little figures, such as Bob the Builder, Dora, Sponge Bob etc. and then “talk” for your child.
  • Take turns blowing bubbles. Have your child say one of their words before their turn to blow the bubbles.
  • Set two chairs a few feet apart in an open spot and using a small playground ball, say a target word for your child, bounce it to them and then he says the target word and bounces it back to you (this will work with cars or other rolling toys as well, but remember to sit on the floor!).
  • Buy inexpensive microphones at the dollar store and play “announcer” as you say the words into the microphone (remember to use lots on enthusiasm when you “announce”).
  • Use magnet wands (the kind you use in bingo) with small circular magnet chips. After your child says a word and lays a magnet on all of the pictures, they get to use the magic wand to pick up all of the pieces.
  • If you have “little people”, you can either have them walk on the pictures or talk about the boy or girl wanting a ___________ and say the target sounds as they talk.
  • Have your child “talk” through a selection of puppets, and the puppets will say the words instead of them.
  • If you have some kind of containers with faces on them (like a Halloween bucket) or that you could put faces on, have your child “feed” the word to the “mouth” of the container.
  • Take a pile of blocks and have your child stack the blocks up as they way each word. Try to see how high they can go before the tower falls or they say a word incorrectly.
  • Lay the pictures in a row and drive a small hot wheels car over them as they say the word.

These activities will work best if the helper in the activity takes their turn and says the words as well. Children really seem to like a friendly game of competition, so he may want to “beat” you. After your child gets pretty good at this, you may want to try and trick them by making “mistakes” when you say the word and see if they can catch you. Remember to praise them often and more importantly, HAVE FUN!